This blog began as a personal journey – an exploration of a traumatic incident. But also a writing experiment. How successfully could I convey my story?

In my youth, I was hit by a speeding car. I tried to evoke that experience and immediate aftermath. I wanted to put the user right there with me.

The story I created isn’t, I hope, as grim as it sounds. Even in the midst of life’s catastrophes there is humour.

See for yourself. Begin reading my story, appropriately, at Part 1.

The impact was unexpected. Revived connections with old friends. ‘Virtual’ connections with strangers. Forming like synapses across the web. Mutual empathy straddling the globe.

I‘ve tapped into my passion for travel too. In my early twenties I did a round-the-world trip. I’ve had a job that took me to ‘unlikely’ destinations. Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Egypt, Tanzania and Syria among them. I have a lot of experience to draw on.

Humorous writing has always interested me. This example, poking fun at expat Brits in Australia, was my attempt.

So yes, the blog is evolving. Growing my audience is the next challenging. I’m told by the blogging community, that is very difficult without a niche. The internet doesn’t understand subtlety or nuance. Only clear categories. This is why there are so many travel, lifestyle and mummy bloggers.

It’s a bummer really. Pigeon holes have never worked for me. But never say never…

So tell me… are you you smelling what I’m cooking?


  1. Hey Pete – the niche thing is BS, just like creating a “brand” so that you can become an “Influencer”. Blog however you damn well please, be sincere in your interactions, and your audience will find you.

    Your meditation post (comments are closed) is hilarious and brilliant. I’d take Aunt Dot over some Turkish pants wearing guru any day.


    1. Thanks Julie. That’s reassuring. I want to keep writing the things I enjoy wringing and (hopefully) people will enjoy reading… but I would like audience too.

      Glad you enjoyed the Meditation post. Auntie Dot was a saucy lady 😉. I’ll fix the comments thing thanks. Comments shouldn’t be closed.


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