5 ways to get lucky in 2019

2018 didn’t go your way? Lady Luck pissed on your chips? If the answer is yes you’re probably feeling ready to try some superstitious claptrap to get lucky in 2019. You’re in the right place.

Whatever ritual you used last New Year was a dud. This year you need to go global.  Try a New Year’s Eve tradition from another part of the world.

I’ve found five good ones – take your pick. They look like humbuggery but you never know. One of these simple rituals could make 2019 your best yet!

1. Eat Grapes to get lucky in 2019

Eat grapes. Olé!  The Spanis heat 12 grapes for good luck. To get lucky in 2019, eat one grape at each strike of midnight. If at the final bong, you’ve managed to consume all of them, you’ll have 12 lucky months ahead. And you’ll have got one of your daily portions of fruit too.

The trick is preparation. Separate and wash the grapes beforehand. Otherwise, your hamfistedness under pressure could result in another crappy year.

My tip 1: Choose seedless grapes or you’ll find yourself in a spitting, choking, sticky mess at midnight.

Tip 2: Don’t share grapes with friends. Giving away one grape will result in a truly terrible month of December in 2019.

Get lucky in 2018 by eating12 grapes at midnight

2. Jump off chairs to get lucky in 2019

The Danes have a lot of new year traditions. An easy one, jumping off a chair at midnight, is symbolic of overcoming challenges. Jumping enthusiastically into the year ahead.

I’m not familiar with the drinking culture of Denmark but my guess is they are moderate drinkers. I wouldn’t recommend this ritual for the big boozers of the UK and Australia. Instead of starting the new year brimming with good luck you might find yourself with a twisted ankle, bloody nose and/or a needing new furniture.  Stick with the safer option of the grapes (see above).

Digressing for a moment, another Denmark tradition is throwing plates at your neighbours’ front door to symbolise friendship. A big pile of broken crockery outside your door? You’re blessed with lots of friends and a big bloody mess to clear up in the morning.

3. Get into Underpants to get lucky in 2019

Time to head South, if you get my drift. In South America, New Year’s Eve is all about underpants. The colour of your pant determines your good fortune in the year ahead.

Which aspect of your life needs to receive good luck?

  • Red  = Romance (really get lucky in 2019)
  • White = Peace, Happiness
  • Blue = Good Health

Pro Tip: Game the system. Wear multicoloured underpants for a truly fabulous 2019

4. Burn Effigies to get lucky in 2019

One for the pagans. Ecuadorians burn scarecrow-like effigies (‘viejos’) of people that displeased them that year. These are often public figures but can also be friends and family or the guy at the corner shop. The effigies are stuffed with flammable materials,  like old newspapers, to incinerate the past (or something like that).

Viejos are burned in public squares but also outside most homes. At midnight, the sky over of Quito glows orange as each neighbourhood happily burns its enemies and bids farewell to the year just ended.

5. Carry a Suitcase to get lucky in 2019

Looking to travel in 2019? Then you need to follow this ritual from Colombia. At midnight grab an empty suitcase then walk several times around the block. Your neighbours might laugh but, your glamorous trips overseas in 2019, will wipe the smile off their faces. Go for it.

Get lucky in 2018 by walking around the block carrying a suitcase

So there you have it. Absolute hogwash from around the world to help you get lucky in 2019.

May all of your wishes come true in 2019.

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